Promoting Nutrition Standards For Healthy Food and Beverage Procurement


AIM: Increase the number of institutions with nutrition standards for healthy food and beverage procurement.

Why address nutrition standards for healthy food and beverage procurement in your county?

• Americans today are consuming significantly more calories, salt, fat, and sugar in their food than they did 30 years ago.i,ii At the same time, the rate of diet-related chronic diseases, such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes, has increased.

• Diet-related chronic diseases are responsible for $7.6 billion of health care costs in New York State each year.

• Implementing nutrition standards at institutions can prevent costly diseases and increase employee productivity.i If local governments and other organizations buying large quantities of food used nutrition standards for their food and beverage procurements, over 1 million employees in New York State could be affected.

• Using the purchasing power of municipal agencies and other organizations may also have the added benefit of increasing the demand for and availability of healthy foods. It also models a healthier food environment to other employers and the general population.

• Institutional nutrition standards can relieve health disparities—institutions often serve vulnerable populations, such as low income New Yorkers, older adults, and individuals with disabilities.v

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